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“Nature Conservation”
starting from the sea

Currently, in exchange for the economic development and convenience that human beings have been building, the environmental pollution has been neglected for a long time has put us at risk of danger on valuable lives on this planet earth.
For us living along the coast of Shonan – Kamakura, pollution of plastic waste in the ocean and erosion of the coast that narrowing and scraping sandy beaches are essentially serious social problems that erode not only the eco system but also the future of human beings.
In particular, the disappearance of the sandy beaches of Kamakura and Shichirigahama has a great impact on us which forcing us to consider this issue.

I strongly feel the need to protect a safe, secure and sustainable environment for not only humans but all lives on earth which are threatened by environmental pollution. So far, there have been the activities such as beach cleaning in each region, but we are keenly aware that we have not yet reached to a larger movement. The activities so far have not reached as a clue to the solution, which there may be more things that can be done, or more things should be done.
Therefore, with Kamakura and Shonan as the base, we will hold events and seminars with the keyword of “nature conservation” starting from the beach and sea, and through participation and exchange-type activities, we plan to reach to as many people as possible and reach out to the society.
Especially. we will promote the importance of protecting the global environment, co-existence with nature, and understanding of nature to target the next generations who will lead the future as part of human resource development. By conducting activities to create a safe and happy environment involves importance of reducing environmental pollution and plastic waste emissions, ensuring the safety of lives, raising people's knowledge and awareness on the environment, want to leads to improve the image of Kamakura Shonan where we are based at. In this way, instead of limiting the community, desire to expand our activities by considering the global environment from a global perspective for the future.
This organization aims to deepen understanding of the nature and create a safe and secure sustainable environment through global environmental protection activities for the future of the next generation, and to gain the support from a broader range of people in the society as a non-profit organization.

August 15, 2020
Non-Profit Organization Naze
Chairman: Michio Degawa

Message from the Chairman

I want to raise my knowledge and awareness on the environment of people from the sea of Kamakura

Chairman of NPO [NAZe]
Michio Degawa

I was born and raised near the sea in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura, so when I was a kid, I was excited to going to the beach with my father. The sandy beaches were wide and the iron-laden sand was warm in the sun, but in the summer, it got too hot that I couldn't walk on barefoot and rushed into the water. I lie down on the sandy beach to warm my body after bathing in the sea, then I go back to the sea ... I remember feeling joys in repeating such things. In recent years, the environment of sandy beaches, where I played as a child, has changed remarkably, and the sandy beaches where I ran around have been eroded more and more, and now it is not possible to run around. When the tides are high, water came to the road and even began to hit the wall which began to break.

In Kamakura, the beach erosion of Inamuragasaki is remarkable, but the sandy beach area further west, by a parking lot of Shichirigahama, has being eroded and washed away. In the last few years, rocks and revetment foundations that have never been seen have been exposed here and there. Maybe not to the people who has seen the scenery of this coastal area for the first time, but for someone used to play around in this beach for many years, I can't help to be surprised at the devastation of this beach where the sandy beach is despairing.

I wasn't the only one to notice these changes. While listening to the stories of surfers and the community, many people told me the same impressions as I did. I know that human power is insignificant in the natural world, but hoping that by first questioning “why” on these trivial changes, make possible to convey the changes in this environment to as many people as possible. That is why I set up this organization.

Organization Information

  • Name:
    Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Naze
  • Location:
    2-21-25 Tsunishi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Established:
    November 18, 2020
  • Chairman
    Michio Degawa
    Yoichi Fukuhara
    Board of directors
    Keisuke Kano, Chisa Yamane Asakura, Mari Komiya, Takao Morizono, Hiroshi Nambu, Eiji Zaima, Takuma Degawa
  • Purpose
    The purpose of this organization is to contribute in creation of a safe, secure and sustainable society by conducting business related to global environmental protection and co-existence with nature for children and society who will lead the future.
    This organization will carry out the following types of specified non-profit activities in order to achieve its purpose.
    (1) Activities to protect the environment
    (2) Activities to promote academics, culture, arts or sports
    (3) Activities to promote the healthy development of children
    In order to achieve its purpose, this organization will carry out the following non-profit businesses.
    (1) Business to improve on understanding of environmental protection
    (2) Business to experience the natural environment
    (3) Business on surf-related culture and sports promotion
  • Chairman

    Michio Degawa

    Born in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1950. Has been familiar with the beach since a childhood, and discovered surfboards through Itako (wooden boogie board), float (Base of SUP) and so on. After graduating from the high school, started a surfboard factory with the peers. After a while, I participated in domestic and overseas surfing competitions and won the All Japan Amateur Surfing Competition in 1972. A legendary surfer who leads the surf culture of the 60's in Japan, such as the establishment of the Japan Surfing Federation (NPSA), which lead to the Japan Professional Surfing Federation (JPSA).

  • Auditor

    Yoichi Fukuhara

    Has started the carrier in trading company where managed in the textile industry for a long time, currently the representative in Japan of the sports brand [sn] super.natural. He made surfing debut in his mid-30s. Completely fascinated by Kamakura, and now spend the weekend in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura. Golf, yoga, surfing, stand up paddles, and recently fishing are his hobbies, but the problem is I am not good with any of them, as he says. Hope to have a meaningful and enjoyable community with everyone through NAZe.

  • Director

    Keisuke Kano

    Has been living in Fujisawa City. Long time involvement in the branding and business planning of apparel companies, working in Tokyo on weekdays and enjoying the balance of life by living nearby sea especially on the weekends. Empathize with the concept of the organization and strongly hopes to meet many people through NAZe and leave a beautiful and wonderful sea environment for the next generation. Loves surfing, golf and beer.

  • Director

    Chisa Yamane

    Spent the childhood in Shichirigahama then moved to the United States, where finished high school and the University. After working as a graphic designer, consultant, and foreign companies, founded Way Finding Co., Ltd. As the name "find a way", is currently involved in various businesses, including overseas, including martial arts related businesses which started as a hobby. In addition, travels abroad more than 10 times a year as for both hobbies and businesses. She calls herself a "free human".

  • Director

    Mari Komiya

    Lives in Fujisawa City. Works as a design and prop stylist. Being active with full energy (imagination and creativity) of the past and present as seen from the sea. Sea and plant lovers

  • Director

    Hiroshi Nambu

    Lives in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura City. Founded Blue Planet Explorer Co., Ltd., a company specializing in eco-tours and science tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. Has been involved in the Hawaii travel industry for over 30 years. Hobbies: Surfing, yoga, bonfire, collecting antiques & records, etc.

  • Director

    Takao Morizono

    Grew up in Shichirigahama under the influence of the foundre and the sea, realized the true gratitude of the people and the environment by the beach after being employed, experienced a place where couldn't breathe. Recognizing the beauty of the sea, made cut back to Kamakura, became a weather forecaster through the work on providing surfing wave information, and now operates the weather company Umidori Co., Ltd. Wish to continue enjoying the beach with NAZe with everyone!

  • Director

    Eiji Zaima

    Born in Kanagawa prefecture. The CEO of ZETA, Inc. Media business, creative business, education business based on action sports and street culture. Hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, bouldering, snowboarding and other general action sports, and recently addicted to martial arts. In charge of WEB and contents at NAZe.